Sire William Marshal, a vassal of King John Lackland of England.

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In the feudal world depicted in Europe 1200, lords are aristocrats who have control over a certain portion of land (their fiefs) and the serfs living thereon. There are three kind of lords in the mod:

  • Rulers who govern an entire faction.
  • Vassals, landlords who have sworn an oath of fealty to their rulers.
  • Captains, minor lords whose fiefs are not important enough to be featured on the map, but still fulfill their military duties with their rulers.

The player can become both a vassal to the ruler of an already existing faction or pursue his/her powerlust dreams and desires and try to become a ruler of his/her own faction.

  • Becoming a vassal is as simple as speaking to a ruler and offering to swear an oath to him. The player will need a certain amount of renown to be accepted. If the player is a highly renowned adventured and has sworn no oath yet, it's possible that various rulers will start sending him/her offers to become a member of their factions.
  • About creating your own kingdom, better see the specific article.

As happens with companions, lords cannot be killed. They can still be knocked out in combat, and if a lord is in the losing side of a battle, there's a chance he may be captured by the enemy. Capturing lords and awaiting for their faction to offer a ransom is a pretty fine way to earn nice sums of money. Captured lords can be kept in the party but they're likely to escape after a certain period of time (usually a few days), so it's more recommendable to lock them up in the prison of a town or a castle until a ransom is offered. Building a prisoner tower in the settlement you're keeping your prisoners will make almost impossible for them to break away. Throwing your enemies into your dungeons and locking them up until the war ends (refusing to accept the ransom bids) will make your honor to drop significantly, so if you're planning to build a dishonorable player character this is one of the best ways to achieve it.